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Belize Howler Monkey Excursion

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See the Belizean Rainforest firsthand, interact with nature, and enjoy the hospitality of the local community all in one half-day excursion. This Belize Monkey Tour will have you hiking some of the best trails in the north of Belize while keeping your eyes peeled for monkeys in their own habitat. It’s an excellent option for those looking to get away from the crowds and see howler monkeys in one of the few places in the world where they can be viewed in their natural setting.

The tour starts with a relaxing drive through Belize City and the scenic towns along the northern highway before arriving at the village of Bermudan Landing. Here you’ll don your hiking gear and head out to explore the area with your guide. You’ll likely hear the monkeys before you see them, and if you’re lucky, a curious howler monkey or two will come down to check you out.

As you hike through the rainforest, you’ll also learn about the lifestyle of the black howler monkey and be able to ask questions to your knowledgeable guide. To top it all off, your visit to the howler monkey sanctuary on this Belize Howler Monkey Excursion helps to promote habitat conservation and fight against the endangerment of the local black howler monkey."

What's Included

Round-trip transportation
Entrance to the Howler Monkey Park
Tour Guide
Additional food or souvenirs
Optional gratuities

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring on the tour?
Bug spray is a must, but we also suggest you wear light-colored clothing and comfortable footwear. A camera or smartphone to take pictures and cash for tips and souvenir shopping will also be handy.
What does the tour include?
This Belize Howler Monkey Excursion includes your tour guide for the day, entrance to the site, snacks, and taxes. Transportation is also included from Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City, right where the cruise ship tenders drop off their passengers, or from local Belize City hotels.
How long is the drive to the monkey sanctuary?
The Howler Monkey Sanctuary is located 35 miles from Belize City, and the drive usually takes between 45 and an hour.

Quick Facts

Belize City

4h 30min

There is no minimum age to participate in this tour.

Your tour costs are refundable if canceled 24 hours before the tour departure. If booking using the Book Now, Pay Later option, the 5% deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances.



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