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Cultural Tours in Jamaica

It’s almost impossible to visit Jamaica and not get a taste of its unique cultural heritage but if that’s your focus on your next visit, these Jamaica cultural tours will make sure to deliver. Start with a dive into the life of the master musician Bob Marley on one of Falmouth, Montego Bay, or Ocho Rios’ reggae tours. Then stop at Rick’s Cafe where you can spot the brave locals cliff diving and even have a go if you dare! A tour to Floyd’s Pelican Bar lets you mingle with the locals as you chow down on some fresh seafood and a glass (or two) of rum punch.

While Kingston is the capital, it’s not often visited by tourists so a Kingston day tour will really help you uncover the beauty and spirit of the Jamaican people. Don’t forget the Jamaica food tours on offer where you can grab a plate of spicy jerk chicken and wash it down with an ice-cold Red Stripe. You’ll be speaking patois with the locals before you’re ready to go, we’re sure of it.

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